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    How to choose a scissors for a beginning hairdresser?

    To the question "how to choose scissors for a novice hairdresser", Yandex will flood you with a ton of information. Very valuable theoretically, but never helping the beginner in practice. Just because it is too voluminous and "advanced". Yes, okay, sharpening angle, steel hardness, blade length ... Which scissors to take? To get additional details, view here: hair cutting tools


    Do not worry. You finally found the right article. We will not overload you with subtleties - we will simply explain how not to screw up when choosing your first (second, third ...) professional scissors - and remain satisfied with the purchase for many years.


    What should be the price for beginner hairdressing scissors?

    Good scissors for novice hairdressers cost less than good scissors for ultra professionals. The quality criteria are not the same. With ultra-shears you will cut with the same dignity as with just good scissors. But no better. And they will cost much more. Conclusion - do not rush, have time.

    • But to buy very cheap scissors is not worth it in any case.Firstly, their lifespan is significantly lower than that of high-quality scissors. So in the end, there can be no savings - one pair of scissors for three to four thousand rubles will serve you just as long as two pairs of two pair of scissors each last.
    • Secondly, you can’t grow up with cheap scissors. You will use them for years - for example, even if you master them well. But these skills will not help you when working with a good tool. You will have to learn practically anew.
    • Thirdly, customers will spit when looking at the result. Perhaps after the third strand pulled out you will have to catch up with the fleeing client shouting "wait, I have not finished." Or you may even have to run away from a catch-up client with shouts of "sorry, this is all scissors." And another important fact is that after cutting with cheap scissors, customers have their hair cut and damaged. Therefore, they will not return to you. This is especially true for scissors from Aliexpress or cheap options.
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    What scissors to buy for a beginner hairdresser - length issues


    Size matters, what can I say. There are two extremes.

    • Too long scissors will constantly cling to your fingertips. A haircut now and then will acquire elements of staining with blood. And this will not happen because the hands are crooked. They are not crooked. Just the scissors are not the same. This happens to everyone who has chosen too long scissors.
    • Too short scissors will create trouble when working with the ends of the hair. All the time it will turn out "a little bit wrong", torment straighten.

    Okay, but what kind of scissors in length should a novice hairdresser buy? There are two tips on this.

    Some masters recommend taking a pair of scissor blades into a fist (no, not like Wolverine, just fist) and see if their ends protrude too far from the fingers. However, a problem arises here - the line between “too” and “not too” is very thin and the beginner is incomprehensible.

    So, you can focus on the following numbers:

    • most women masters use basic scissors 5.3 or 5.5 inches long;
    • and most male masters prefer scissors from 5.5 to 6.5 inches.

    Then you can focus on these numbers - and, if necessary, experiment with other lengths. Because to perform individual tasks, they may be preferable to the main ones having this length.